The Final Countdown

The Seed of the Golden Age heralds humanity's next chapter

The Age of Aquarius is the Kingdom of Uranus
Part 3 of the year 2020 series

The End Times

Apocalypse means revelation or lifting of the veil

Just as the personal shadow sabotages personal ambition, so too does the collective shadow sabotage collective ambition. Ignoring the darkness, as many people do, because it's too painful to face, ensures that it's never dealt with and resolved. We remain stuck in our own self-created hell.

The Pluto return of the United States forces the entire world to do the shadow work necessary for society to move forward. It might not be pretty, but the only way out is through. The best thing we can do to help both humanity and ourselves through this period is to not run from our shadowy darkness and hidden corruption that will continue to surface throughout next year. This is happening on both personal and collective levels. Witnessing the shadow means not running from pain or fear, just as the Buddha invited his inner demons over for tea.

From the snowflake and the flower:

"He who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secret."
-Eliphas Levi (19th century magician)

Speaking of revelation, I solved the other half of the sacred secret. This will become important later in the article:

Transcending our 3D Reality Matrix is about integration, both the light and the dark into wholeness. Chasing light and avoiding dark, a common pattern, is a sure way to stay trapped in the maze. Because light and dark balance each other, neutrality is Ariadne's thread. The false light is ephemeral and ultimately unsatisfying because what goes up must come down. The zero point field on the other hand is eternal. It's the inner light of the divine spark.

A New Era

The dawning of the zero point field

As the lid is removed, humanity finally sees how it's been oppressed for so long. Although the darkness may seem to intensify at first, especially next year, that's because it's being purged from the planet. We're embarking on a brave new frontier.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is symbolic of the crucifixion of our inner Christ spirit held in place by a consciousness structure known as the crucifixion implant installed in both individual bodies and the planetary body. Achieving Christ consciousness requires removing this implant. Our fractal holographic reality reflects itself on every level of the microcosm and macrocosm. Current world events are a perfect expression of the archetypal patterns.

The creatrix field completes the evolution of modern astrology.
Being a starseed prototyping the first wave of Aurora frequencies on the planet helps me understand the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of the Elemental Body on an intimate level and confirms beyond doubt for me that this is happening and that it's real. This astrological translation of our spiritual transformation is an original insight that I'll expound more on in future articles. Astrology is one of many ways to understand our divine blueprint.

The United States is the staging ground for the planetary ascension. It is here that the battle for earth is now being fought. The victors of this critical two year period carve a path for human evolution unprecendented in its scope and magnitude.

Dismantling the Beast Machine

From slavery to sovereignty

We're being liberated from our oppressors that most people didn't even know existed, but humanity has not yet transcended ego, and we must therefore be vigilant of those who seek to seize power over humanity as the old power structures collapse. I share some cautionary words about this at the end of the article.

There's a lot of disinformation out there, like the flat earth campaign, which is intentional falsehood designed to confuse truth-seekers. Undercover agents are actually hired to dream up these convincing falsehoods. Amidst the misinformation and disinformation, both alternative and mainstream, there is truth. The truth is that the moon is an alien space craft. No amount of emotionally immature denial or lazy refusal to research changes this fact. I feel that this disclaimer is necessary since so many people are averse to research. The problem with belief is that it can blind us to the obvious staring us in the face. The mind of the believer stagnates. The only way to find truth is to delete belief. Living without belief may seem scary and unfathomable to many, but it's very possible and very rewarding. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

The Beast Machine and the Triple Goddess are essentially the same: 666. Fear not if you love the Triple Goddess because we're getting a new one, a solar one instead of a lunar one. Not everyone will resonate with it right away. Many people will continue to cling to the lunar paradigm of consumptive modeling until we get enough role models and leaders to embody the new consciousness.

The circle replaced by a line in the new Triple Goddess symbolizes pregnancyless creation.

Although Discordianism is satirical, I've often found truth hiding in unexpected places, and it's packed with it. The interweaving of the new Triple Goddess into our reality structure transpires over the last three months of 2020, as evidenced by the repeating pattern of 23 and 8 throughout the three lunations.

Astrology helped me learn how to read every detail of reality, which is rich with meaning at every turn. The universe communicates with us in every moment. The tools and techniques of the system can be a stepping stone. There are so many mysteries waiting to be discovered when inner guidance and vision shows us how to color outside of the lines.
4 + 4 + 4 = 12 strand DNA potential
Humanity is evolving.

The eclipse on December 14, containing both numbers, is the culmination, the fullness, the final death blow to Satan.

Chiron is the Key that unlocks the Kingdom of Christ.

December 14

Divorcing the false parent and reuniting with divine mother

A golden crown with the Rasalhague sapphire in the center is placed on our planet during this celestial coronation, uniting the hemispheres of the planetary brain, unleashing the infinite potential of the zero point field, the creatrix, and lifting us out of the 3D parental gestalt characterized by Jupiter and Saturn.

This Mother of God transmission opens the door to real love, the kind that's eternally replenished through our divine connection with God Source, freeing us from the need to consume love and other resources from our environment, as we more fully embody and anchor the new living light frequencies.

Venus is widely misunderstood to be the planet of love, but egoic consciousness can't understand true love. Venus is desire and values, not love. Getting our needs met through others is not wrong although it is selfish, and it reduces connection to objectification. When we view other human beings as resources to consume and utilize, we may seek control and ownership over them, which violates their sovereignty. This dynamic is often deceptive because most people aren't even aware of their motivations and intentions much less transparent about them. Living in ego is living in a hall of mirrors. We see ourself everywhere in everything and everyone. This is why relationships are so often discordant. Projection invariably results in blaming the other for our own shortcomings because outward-seeking distracts from inward-knowing, and attachments create blind spots. Conversely, admiration and adoration is often a projection of our idealized self (ie - we see who we want to become). Either way, we're seeing reality as we want it to be instead of how it actually is.

Venus (pleasure) is balanced by Mars (strength) while Eris is already balanced. Chasing pleasure and avoiding pain is the precise mechanism that traps us in the 3D Reality Matrix as the primary strategy of Satanic bondage (think Devil card in tarot). Most people eventually realize how unfulfilling this is after a lifetime of chasing our tails in a futile escape from self-inquiry as the temporary high experienced from pleasure becomes less and less. Over the long term, running from pain is the cause of all suffering.

Eris, as the new ruler of Libra, brings sacred union, otherwise known as hieros gamos or spiritual marriage. Eris is the true love of the divine mother (and father). It's creative, not consumptive. It may seem cold to those who confuse love with desire, but this romantic desire we often call love is nothing more than emotional vampirism.

In the coming age of abundance, we outgrow vampirism.

December 17

Humanity transitions to the galactic level of consciousness
(also the date of the writing and publishing of this article)

The fertilization of the Seed of the Golden Age paves the way to the fully grown Tree of Life in about 400 years from now. There are many important milestones between now and then, which I'll describe in future articles. Most of that time will likely be spent evolving out of the lunar level of consciousness and into the solar level for most people. Starseeds born on the Christos mission are among the first groups of humans to embody some level of galactic consciousness.

The next 200 years are humanity's final test before graduation to collective sovereignty. There are levels of hell that many people will likely still need to experience before they're ready to let go of the material delusion and embrace our multidimensional energetic anatomy. These two years, 2020 and 2021, are critical in terms of finding our appropriate consciousness corridor for whatever type of growth that each uniquely individual soul is ready for in this lifetime.

As a result of the dismantling of the Beast Machine, humans on this planet are freed from the bondage of forced reincarnation here. When we die, we now have many options to continue our evolutionary journey in many different ways, depending on the path we choose in this lifetime. I know most people don't know what to believe when it comes to the afterlife because they don't have direct experience with it. I'm so grateful that my Kundalini Awakening gifted me with a visceral certainty of my immortal soul. As the lunar forces fade, more and more people will likely become aquainted with their soul, spirit, and avatar.

December 21 and 29

It ain't over till the fat lady sings

While most people seem to be focused on the winter solstice, which occurs during the first quarter transition of the lunar phase cycle, the full moon is the culmination of the coronation. When it's complete, the old world order will likely enter into a dramatic free fall. Reality will change quickly. I never imagined that the completely accidental glitch that screws up the planet locations on December 30 and 31 would be so meaningful. It's the implosion of collective consciousness. That's why I didn't fix it. Now that its meaning is clear, I may fix it.


You might get assimilated by the Borg

Muggles don't realize we're in a spiritual war. Those who believe in the mainstream lies think that this fake pandemic is real when it's a completely engineered crisis with a 99.9% survival rate dressed up with fear porn to freighten people into submission. It's not science. It's propaganda. Even if the news media wasn't intentionally lying to us (and they most certainly are), medical dogma is still ignorant of the electromagnetic properties of DNA and therefore falls victim to blind religious belief in a flawed model of viral pathogenesis. Brilliant and respected medical professionals who have a different approach than their dogmatic and disingenuous peers are attacked and censored while ignorance and obedience is rewarded. The medical empire is a profit machine whose motto is create dependency, which is the opposite of the Hippocratic oath of do no harm, and it absolutely does not want doctors to know about the harmful effects of vaccines, which have been well-documented for a long time. The reason it's not widely known is because the government is hiding the crimes. Most people acknowledge the existence of corruption, but few have the courage to learn of its extent. It's extremely common for fear to masquerade as disinterest and disbelief as an excuse to remain distant. (edit April 5th: I'm not denying the reality of the situation. I'm pointing out the hype, disinfo, and hidden agenda designed to corral and entrap through the established problem-reaction-solution strategy)


Those who are aquainted with the conspiratorial reality of our world understand that it's a smoke screen for power hungry tyrants seeking global domination. They understand the rampant censorship and emotional manipulation employed to ensure that enough people believe the lies.


Far fewer are the people who understand the deeper reality of the spiritual war. The hidden power elite know that this planet is ascending, which means true freedom for humanity. They're trying their best to prevent people from evolving into the lightbody and escaping this prison, so they've devised a trap, a type of artificial ascension called transhumanism, which involves merging man with machine and preventing natural, organic ascension. Since the lunar matrix is no longer sufficient to imprison our consciousness, they turn to technology. That's why this global event is happening.

Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant and uninformed.

I apologize for the strong language, but there's a differense between skepticism and denial. If you don't understand transhumanism, you don't understand what's happening in the world right now. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is just the beginning.

Fear prevents ascension. The corona fear mongering disrupts the coronation (and yes the people who planned this hoax both understand and utilize the symbolism for purposes of mind control). Many astrologers are familiar with this quote even if they don't understand what it means:

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do."
-JP Morgan

Additionally, it's highly likely that the vaccine will introduce a new stage of human experimentation as we're gradually assimilated into an AI hive mind, partly by introducing nanotechnology into our bloodstream (edit April 3rd: genetic modification is also part of the strategy to disconnect our spiritual connection, which I failed to mention, but it's an important part of this). Complete assimilation will elapse over the next 20 or so years. Most people don't realize we've had Star Trek technology since the 1930's and that they've been experimenting on us for a long time already. We're only allowed the technologies that perpetuate slavery rather than sovereignty. Those who make forbidden breakthroughs are silenced by any means necessary. The evidence is abundant. Denial of this reality and refusal to do the research is laziness. If you're unwilling to research the topic, then you're not qualified to deny it. I feel that this disclaimer is necessary since there's so much emotionally immature closed-mindedness when discussing unapproved topics such as this.

I'm mentioning this now instead of waiting for the 2021 write up because the unethical and dangerous vaccine is being rolled out already. The more people who are informed about this, the better our chances to stop world control. This is why 2021 is the Crossroads of Destiny. The shadowed deployment of 5G hiding behind the corona craze attempts to trap as many souls as possible in the inferno of the descending path.

Our planet is ready for an unparalleled level of freedom. Are you?

Edit - May 9 - New information about this is currently unfolding. Stay tuned for updates.

Sophia is the final stage of lightbody integration in the Triple Goddess sequence of organic ascension, resulting in the embodied wisdom of the solar feminine.

She's the feminine Christ.

As an artificial lunar form, she represents our disconnection from God, which is the source of unhappiness, and the theft of our life essence by archontic parasites.
This is humanity's final test before graduation to collective sovereignty.

Transhumanism is the intentional suppression of our emerging Christ spirit.

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