Ascension Singularity of 2020

Portal into Timelessness

The 5th element - alchemy of opposites. It cannot be and yet it is.
Transformation of matter on the level of spirit.
From lead to gold. From Saturn to Solar. From Satan to God.
Return of the Cosmic Aether.

Most people are unaware of the seismic shifts happening now on a global scale in the structure of consciousness. The effects in the material world are growing increasingly apparent. Mainstream programming hides the fact that this lockdown is part of a war for global domination. Armed with the truth, we can usher in a utopia of abundance rather than the dystopia of fear they're trying to engineer. The cosmic currents are on our side during this monumental milestone in human evolution.

I recently became of aware of the planetary transformation after a dramatic Kundalini Awakening destroyed the illusion and awoke me to a broader reality. It turns out that, as a starseed, I was biologically preprogrammed to awaken at age 33 on Dec 17th 2017 in parallel with the planet shifting into a new reality structure. Everyone feels the shift at different times in different ways. Some people, like myself, are impacted earlier because we act as nodal points to anchor the ascension frequencies. Each wave makes it easier for more people to access the new consciousness.

The Ascension Singularity is actually in 900 years when, through precession, the World Axis aligns with the gateway to the Galactic Center, but the Ascension Singularity eclipse on June 5th, centered between the left hand and the right hand of Ophiuchus, is an echo from the future. By tuning into the frequency of full human sovereignty, we're breaking the cycle of cause and effect that chains us to the 3D Reality Matrix while watering the seed of the new era.

3D Reality Matrix

Reality is Stranger than Fiction

When we learn to see past the intentional deception of NASA, we can start to appreciate the size and scope of the wider reality. The moon is an artificial satellite of highly sophisticated alien technology known as the Beast Machine. It holds the Earth at an unnatural tilt creating the seasons and controlling consciousness. The tropical zodiac is one of the consciousness structures held in place by this machine, which hijacks time and keeps us looping in the same cycles over and over. The lunar influence perpetuates and amplifies the duality of our world by splitting the solar principle, forcing us to consume external sustenance rather than being eternally sustained by the inner light of our inherent God Source connection. This is necessary so that our energy can be parasitized, but it also turns us into parasites.

Together with an outpost on Saturn, the Saturn-Moon Matrix perpetuates and enforces mainstream Satanism in the collective consciousness. The etymological similarity between Saturn and Satan is not a coincidence nor are the orbital periods. The lunar phase cycle is 29.5 days while the Saturn cycle is 29.5 years. As we transcend the lunar influence, we're returned to the sovereignty that is our birthright and freed from the energetic and material parasitism that characterizes this artificially engineered reality structure.

Beyond Duality

Towards Multidimensional Consciousness

By embracing the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, and its ruler Chiron, we gain access to the 5th element, Aether - an alchemical agent that changes reality as we know it. We move from time to timelessness.

Polarity integration can be achieved through compassionate witnessing. In doing so, we become sovereign co-creators of our reality. The Aether transports us into timelessness. In this singularity of consciousness, we're no longer moving from point A to point B through linear space-time. We're witnessing timelines and shifting among them. Instead of struggling through the dense layers of cause and effect, we begin magnetizing future potentials into the present and healing trauma that keeps us stuck in old ways.

Becoming neutral observer requires releasing attachments, and this is not possible using the conscious mind alone. We must clear cellular memory in the unconscious layers of the body that cause us to react automatically. Chiron often demands that we endure pain by sitting with it and not reacting to it. This has the power to heal wounds and liberate us from the wheel of karma. Chiron is also important in correcting the Kundalini current from the bi-wave lunar distortion to tri-wave eternal currents of the zero-point field.

The Big Picture

A Milestone in Human Evolution

In order to better understand the significance of this year, it's important to place it in context. We're now entering the Diversification of the Solarization phase of consciousness evolution. Most versions of history don't account for the impact extra terrestrials have had on our evolution, which makes it difficult to see the pattern of humanity's journey toward unity. Falsified accounts of Egyptian history also muddy the waters. The revelation of our hidden history is part of the Great Awakening.

Remember that everything is meaningful. As above, so below. Natural or artificial. Our fractal holographic reality reflects itself at every level. The launching of the Voyager space probes is a symbolic reflection of the evolution of consciousness that meaningfully coincides with the discovery of Chiron (both in 1977), which also relates to the indigos and starseeds that incarnated here as part of the Christos mission and the beginning of the New Age movement.

The consolidation of the solar identity at the conclusion of the Earth phase occured during a 12 year period surrounding the year 2012. The reclassification of planets in 2006 corresponds with the preparation of consciousness structures, and many changes to the consciousness grids of the planet took place during this period. Voyager reaching the boundary of the solar system in 2012 marked the complete formation of the solar identity while simultaneously planting the seed of the galactic identity. The transition to the higher harmonic universe in 2018 set everything in motion. It's like applying for a job (2006), getting the job (2012), and then starting the job (2018).

The Future

A Closer Look at the Current Phase

The time we're entering now may be variously viewed as the Age of Aquarius, the End Times, the Second Coming of Christ, the Golden Age, or the Great Awakening. Whatever it is, it's a major transition. My initial excitement caused me to jump the gun, but the actual transitions seem to unfold over the next few centuries. The battle we face now is between the New World Order agenda of global domination and true human sovereignty of decentralized interdependence, which can only be achieved when we learn the truth of our reality and take the necessary steps to evolve our consciousness. Our current transition is the seed that births the future.

Christ became a religion when the Galactic Center entered Sagittarius, the sign of religious beliefs (this is when Christianity spread beyond the Jews to the gentiles, to be precise) while mystery schools seem to characterize the Scorpio phase. When the Galactic Center reaches the World Axis and enters Capricorn, the sign of reality structures, it's reasonable to deduce that this is when Christ becomes a physically embodied reality, and the confluence of other cycles supports this. We're laying the foundation for it now. Human sovereignty paves the way to spiritual freedom.

Understanding Christ as a galactic phenomena is necessary to make sense of these cycles. It's a natural evolutionary progression towards inner and outer unity. The Air phase breaks down the structures of prior cycles in preparation for future cycles, so we're now planting the seed of galactic consciousness that will come to fruition in the centuries ahead. By looking at the big picture, a pattern emerges that reveals how and when the story unfolds through the natural cycles. This four phase cycle similar to the lunar phase cycle paints the picture as I see it, with different cycles converging at precise intervals.

The seed that births the cycle contains the totality of its phases - the Second Coming of Christ, the Age of Aquarius, and Galactic Citizenship. That's why this time is so important. World events occuring now have far-reaching implications. Pluto on the Galactic Center relates to the rise and fall of empires and corresponds to the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, the first and subsequent Chinese emperors, the American Revolution, and other important events. It occurred in the year 26, corresponding with the ministry of Jesus. Its occurrence in 2007 coincides with the discovery of Eris and ascension phase B. It's clear to me that the social impact of ascension has scarcely begun to be realized.

The Present

The Center of 2020 is the Axis of Transformation

The Ascension Singularity eclipse takes place during the electrical peak of the year when the sun moves through the Taurus constellation. It's especially potent this year since Venus, ruler of Taurus, stationed retrograde the day the sun entered the constellation. Additionally, the lunar node reaches precise alignment with the Galactic Center during the magnetic peak when the sun moves through the Leo constellation. The peaks take us from reality changing (electrical) to reality forming (magnetic). The placement of the nodes creates a precision portal that pokes holes through the lunar matrix to expose us to a wider reality.

Every eight years, Venus forms a perfect five pointed star on the zodiac. The Venus Star Point forms on June 3rd in precise opposition to the June 5th eclipse, creating a chalice to receive the Aether influx in order to embody the cosmic principle in the earthly realm. The Out of Shadows documentary film, released on the day Venus entered the pre-retrograde shadow is part the disclosure movement to reveal the truth to the public. It's a hint of things to come. At the time of this writing (May 28), the story is still unfolding.

The eclipse portal through time aligns with Donald Trump's chart. I don't trust politicians as much as the next person, but times are changing, and we're entering a new era. Whatever your personal views on this matter are, it's clear to me that he plays a vital role in the changing times. I encourage everyone to learn about the hidden power structures of our world in order to make an informed decision. Those who laugh at the creation of the Space Force don't understand how deeply entrenched we already are in exopolitics (relations with extra terrestrials). We have technology that would enable us to live in a world of infinite abundance, but it's classified. Why? Learning the deeper story helps our species evolve.

Eclipse points remain sensitive even after the eclipse, and the two year period of Ophiuchus eclipses we're now entering is shaping up to be a noteworthy period of great change. The Ophiuchus constellation currently occupies nearly the entire sign of tropical Sagittarius. As the old structures crumble during the Pluto return of the United States, more and more people everywhere are waking up from the illusion.

Unity is Sovereignty

The Evolution of Astrology Parallels Consciousness Evolution

We can think of the zodiac and the planets as the fractured pieces of our totality seeking integration. Every time a planet is discovered, it announces itself through world events pertinent to the symbolism of the planet. The discovery of Eris changed the classification of the planets in a meaningful way, triggering the simultaneous promotion and demotion of Ceres and Pluto to dwarf planet status. On the one hand, this can be seen as the suppression of the feminine principle. On the other hand, we can see the ancient story of Demeter and Persephone playing out, reuniting mother and daughter. Collectively, the three dwarf planets resurrect the Triple Goddess, bringing balance to the genders. The positioning of the other dwarf planets are not meaningful in this way.

As far as I can tell, this is an original insight, and my full presentation on this material is forthcoming. It's beyond intuition. Math and myth agree. The geometry is self-evident. The structural template of the solar system has a recognizable pattern that speaks for itself and fits neatly into the formulaic construction of astrology. Our solar system, like everything, is built on sacred geometry, which can be reverse-engineered. The case studies are compelling. The evidence is convincing. Everything is telling me how very real and definitive this is. With a unique ruler for each sign, the evolution of astrology towards unity has reached a milestone of completion.

Online Workshop June 6-7

Laura Eisenhower Reveals All

If anyone is qualified to speak on the current times, it's Laura Eisenhower, great granddaughter of President Eisenhower, who famously warned the American public of the power abuses we're now witnessing. Most presidents are not told what really happens in our government, but Eisenhower demanded to see the hidden alien technology in Area 51, by force if necessary. Laura is having a two day online workshop, and she incorporates the galactic element into her astrology. Best of all, no one is turned away for inability to pay! I'm not affiliated with this event, but its timing is appropriate, and I wanted to share it here.

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