Transformation of Persephone

Pluto becomes the Crone

implosion into the zero point field
part 4 of the year 2020 series
(or part 1 of 3 of a 2020-2021 transition series)

Full Moon Dramatic Climax

Incineration of the Phoenix in flames of total annihilation

I dreamed up this drama to commemorate the culmination of the coronation in the final moments of the year 2020 during the collective implosion into the zero point field - the five-pointed creatrix of our lightbody that transcends our five-pointed physical design. It's the story of Pluto's transformation from the succubus sorceress of the patriarchically puppeteered lunar form to the wise crone of the divine feminine solar form. The fires of incineration are an irreversible rite of passage that humanity is now traversing.

Who is the Solar Crone? What are her attributes? I suspect that when the sexual energy is liberated from desire, it can be used for healing and spiritual activation. Time will tell. For now, we're in the climax of her transformation. I found my experience living through this drama in sync with Beethoven's Thunderstorm to be especially potent and moving. Perhaps this will manifest into some sort of artistic creation some day.

Use your imagination if you feel inspired.

0:03 - fairie comes to visit persephone
0:09 - fairie reveals persephone's violation
0:14 - persephone in shock and confusion, searching
0:29 - horrifying recognition of truth, finds something
0:47 - persephone is losing her mind
1:02 - persephone plots revenge
1:21 - war - each attack harms only herself, not her foe
1:52 - climactic struggle
2:35 - flames of total annihilation
2:53 - rises from ashes
3:10 - landscape of destruction
3:33 - new life from fertile soil

A New Year, A New Era

The spirit of Mary returns

Although the Sagittarian incineration happens every year, this one is extra special. It's the rebirth of the ages. Walking within the Fire of God's Inner Light:

This is the stage of the ascension process which is the incineration of the old form and burning up of the old and decrepit energies, through stages of healing crisis. This is similar to the spiritual bonfire of the lower self and parasites. Once the higher divine blueprint and Cosmic Aether have been connected to the body, massive healing begins. This is reducing the old Negative Form and its debris into ashes; as the Phoenix that rises from its ashes, is reborn upon its old form which was incinerated in the bonfire. This is a stage of the spiritual alchemy which has phase transition which change the matter substance from blackened, to gray and then to white. Sometimes one can sense the death energy in the blackened state. This begins stages of great renewal and resurrection in the ascending consciousness.

This metamorphosis is playing out on personal and collective levels as each of us, male and female, reconfigure our inner feminine in order to liberate the Christ-Sophia potential in each of us. While I'm fairly confident that I know how this is playing out in the geopolitics of the world stage currently, I don't think it's the right time to discuss it yet. As the story plays out over the course of the year, I'll highlight the hidden mythology of our evolving consciousness. The timeline elapses most poignantly over the next month, mostly wrapping up in 3 months, and somewhat dragging on for another year, laying the groundwork for the next few years of the complete and utter transformation of our world.


December 30:
house of cards begins to fall

(announcement made at the exact same time that this article was published)


January 6:
sabotage by any and all means necessary
playing dirty is standard procedure
appearances are deceiving

The Battle for Middle Earth

Update January 7th 2021

Megiddo Archetypal Battle:

Megiddo has come to represent the battle between the Anti-Christ (anti-human entities) and Christ forces (human beings) as the final showdown that occurs for complete control on the earth or the material plane, as it symbolizes the final battle for control over the earth and humanity. People or things act as a conduit for archetypal forces playing out their many roles on the earth plane in order to bring these forces into expression on the physical plane. We must always remember that the world of forces utilizes archetypes to express through in order to physicalize, and that the dark forces of Negative Polarity will play out in Satanic archetypes, while the positive forces in 3D will play out in primarily Luciferian archetypes, and the neutral forces will hold the potential for the Zero Point of the Christos Consciousness.

When the antichrist force is using the shadow body that appears to be coming through another person, place or thing in matter, do not believe it is really them or make the mistake to assign it to that person. Most of the time it is really the forces of the antichrist using that person's unhealed shadow body or cloned representative to carry out its agenda. Most of the time the person is not a practicing Satanist, but is being manipulated in their pain body and trauma wounding as a dark portal. Observe and learn as the antichrist and the shadow selves have much to teach you. It is not really the spiritual identity of that person, place or thing that this shadow force is using in order to be represented on the physical plane. You are seeing the shadow force through that archetypal program that is running through that person, place or thing that is carrying that archetypal pattern for the explicit purpose that you and they ultimately recognize, see and call out the harm being created in antichrist workings.

We must discern and know what the antichrist is at every level of spiritual growth, as it is the Great Pretender or Ultimate Imposter that is designed to create shadows, agony and division in humanity.

Our goal is to know and discern the real nature of the imposter, to discern what is the truth and what are lies, and to see the darkness masquerading as light when it is pretending to be the Christ or saying that it is representing positive acts of benevolence. Once you see the antichrist and fully understand what he is, these forces have no power over you. Unfortunately, the antichrist works through many unconscious people, places and things in the 3D world and these shadow forces go completely unrecognized, unacknowledged and unseen most of the time. When we do not recognize and see the shadow in action, this allows the dark forces to continue to grow the antichrist forces and its shadow consciousness upon the earth.
Exposing our Gangsta's Paradise
At time marker 1:56, "I'm 23 now, but will I live to see 24?"

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