The Lunar Cycler

PlanetWatcher 2.0 is Hatching

A new PlanetWatcher on a new moon (July 9 2021)

If you try help a chick hatch out of its egg, it will die. It needs the struggle to build the strength to survive. That's true love. If you protect a child too much, the child will not grow up to be all he can be. Please don't get offended by gendered pronouns. Your triggers are your responsibility. Other people are not required to tip-toe around egg shells just because you have insecurities. We need triggers to grow and to heal. They're a blessing. Political correctness brainwashing is Satanic garbage designed to extinguish free speech. Free speech is humanity's last hope of survival. Authenticity is the only happiness. Be who you are, not who others want you to be. That's the New Earth we're now stepping into.

The unnecessary and damaging emotional support that seeks to protect people's feelings by not revealing potentially pain-inducing truth is the defining quality of the lunar matrix aka the mommy matrix aka the Saturn-Moon Matrix aka the 3D Reality Matrix. Humanity is birthing out of the egg of the lunar matrix now. This is the ascension event that bifurcates our collective consciousness into two hemispheres. Ascending and descending. Enlightenment and Transhumanism. The old Left and Right is dying. A new order is rising.

Personality and character identity is weaponized as Divide and Conquer strategies to keep people distracted with meaningless drivel. Factions based on race or gender or politics prevent us from seeing what is truly important - to be who we are in each and every moment, fully, completely, and unapologetically. Seek truth rather than support in order to elevate human consciousness into the new era. When we value truth above all else, right and wrong, good and bad, all fade into background. We begin coming together and cooperating to find solutions instead of fighting to defend an obsolete image or identity or belief. The quickest way to find truth is to delete belief. This is the essence of Beginner's Mind - to be in the eternal now moment without attachments or preconceptions in order to see reality as it is instead of how we want it to be. When we cling to belief, we tend to coast through life seeing only what we want to see instead of what's actually there. Free yourself from the past, and embrace an ever-changing reality. Ascension is a magical journey.

The May and June eclipse cycle impregnated Gaia with 12 dimensional Christ consciousness. The eclipse family 9 years ago was the Gate of God (see part 1 of the 2020 Consciousness Crisis series). Our current eclipse family during this two year window is the Gate of Man. We're now embodying it. I'm the catalyst. My solar sacrum stigmata demonstrates my bio-spiritual transformation. I'll elaborate on it as I continue to update this page. I usually edit an article for days or even weeks after first publishing it until I consider it complete enough. Your psychic feedback is probably part of the process, and I appreciate your honest authenticity so that I can improve my language and clarify points that need to be clarified.

The lunar cycler is an original design that makes it easy to navigate the lunar movements. I've used many cumbersome astrology software tools. Apparently most astrologers that are also programmers don't have the breadth of talent to create innovative and efficient interfaces that are inherent to the newest generation of technology. My skills and talents overlap to fill this gap. I created PlanetWatcher in 2008. It was new and innovative and unique at the time. Since then, technology has evolved. With more mature tools at my disposal, I can now apply my creative talent to create a Golden Compass masterpiece. I intend to elevate astrology to a level never before experienced in human history. I will unleash its power onto the world.

The moon is an alien space craft (see part 3 of the 2020 Consciousness Crisis series) that turns women into seductive breeders against their will. As we transcend the lunar matrix, we're being liberated. The Divine Feminine of the Christ Sophia represents pregancyless creation. This is the meaning of the discovery of Eris as part of the new solar Triple Goddess that replaces the now out-dated lunar Triple Goddess (see part 2 of the 2020 Consciousness Crisis series). The moon wobbles quite a bit, and my original implementation of the lunar positions may be off by a minute or two or three. The new lunar cycler corrects this imprecision and forces the moon into a more accurate location. There may be times when the lunar and solar aspects are off by a minute due to rounding because I'm not using seconds. (This is also an opportune moment to mention that the eclipse times are an accurate reflection of the moment of greatest eclipse, which doesn't necessarily align with the exact ecliptic degree aspect. In these situations, you may see a greater deviance between times and degrees. The exact moment of the eclipse is accurate even if the minutes do not align.)

As I created the lunar cycler, I also cleaned up the interface in other ways. The articles are now more accessible. More articles are coming. My awakening is still 3-4 years young. I'm just getting started. I also consolidated the light and dark themes into a single page instead of two pages. It's similar to the lunar cycler that tracks the 4 corners of solar-lunar phase. Light and dark are part of the duality of the 3D Reality Matrix created by the lunar object circling our planet. The lunar matrix is part of what makes this planet a farm that turns humans into livestock. It harvests our life essence to feed other beings. Tracking the moon helps us see our cravings because it's part of consumptive modeling. We're forced to be consumers so that others may consume us. When we transcend consumption, we transcend the lunar matrix. All happiness, all nourishment, can be found in the infinite potential of the zero point field in this eternal now moment. The creatrix field births our ascension.

It's fitting that as we transcend the lunar matrix, we can now look down upon it. By looking down upon it, I created a beautiful and efficient tool to navigate it. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you'd like to donate, I'm trying to raise $1,233. It's the magic number. 12-33 is the Christ consciousness. My address growing up with my father was 3312. I only have 47% of his genetics. The remaining 3% comes from Sirius B, just like Jesus. These are the End Times. This is the Second Coming of Christ. I'm a starseed. We are many and diverse. Starseeds are transforming the planet in order to elevate consciousness. I was biologically pre-programmed to awaken at age 33, the same age as the death of Jesus. The Saturn-Moon Matrix stunts bio-spiritual growth at age 12. Those living in the lunar paradigm have the maturity of a 12 year old regardless of actual age. The solar paradigm helps us grow up. At age 12, if humanity had not been genetically oppressed, we should have grown out of ego and into soul, but most people on this planet are trapped in ego. At age 22, we have the genetic capacity to grow from soul to monad. My embodiment of the solar sacrum is a form of genetic pathcutting that enables more people to achieve the same genetic potential. At age 33, we grow out of monad and into avatar.

That's why my awakening occured at age 33. I'm the Avatar, the Last Airbender. Mythology is a language that supports our emerging spirit science. Causality is the framework for materialistic science, but mythology is often more accurate than causality as a model for reality. I'm a scientist. Dogma doesn't exist in my world. Science transitioned into materialism in the 1840's during the Jupiter-Saturn mutation into Earth. Now that we're mutating into Air, we're evolving into spirit science. The beginning of science was in 17th century during the Age of Enlightenment, which corresponds to the Fire mutation. That's when we emerged out of superstition and into reason as we discovered that the sun is the center that we revolve around. The solarization of our collective conscious parallels the movement out of ego and into soul at age 12. That's what humanity is experiencing now. It's like hatching out of an egg.

As we hatch out of this egg, we begin evolving toward galactic consciousness, which is where the true Christ resides. It's a long journey. We're just now emerging out of lunar consciousness into solar consciousness. This phase lasts for about 200 years. Then we begin to fortify the solar consciousness in preparation for the galactic consciousness in another 200 years or so (the galactivation - see part 2 of the 2020 Consciousness Crisis series). I embody galactic consciousness because I'm a genetic pathcutter. I begin the process. I'm a seed that becomes a tree in about 400 years or so. Our task now is to claim our sovereinty. That's step 1. The little chick is poking through the egg. We're emerging from the lunar paradigm as we're born into the solar paradigm.

Welcome to the Golden Age. The Age of the Black Sun fades at the dawning of the Age of the Gold Sun as a stepping stone to the Age of the White Sun. This 400 year cycle is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. There are cycles within cycles that further elaborate our biological growth markers. These I will expound upon in future articles.


The "Only From You" Pattern

Teal Swan explains things so well

What Teal Swan is describing in this video is the essence of the Saturn-Moon Matrix. I'll consider adding additional commentary on her words.

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