Gaia is ascending.
Starship Earth. Golden Wings.
You must raise your frequency
or be relocated to another planet.

Mantra: Divine Christ Spirit please heal me of this genetic anomaly and I'll throw it in the garbage.

Operation Depopulation

Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone injected with zombie juice is going to become a zombie because it's the intended purpose. FEMA camps are ready to house the zombies because they're walking, talking biohazards that are breeding mutant variants. It's genocide science. The information presented here is part of an ordered sequence. Take your time with it and go in order.
May the Dao be with you.

Death is not the end of life. Souls are simply being re-organized during the Great Reset.
It's also necessary for the Great Awakening so that people see they can't let others decide
their fate for them. The pathogen is the path of awakening. Crisis awakens the Christ.
The Great Awakening and the Great Reset converge now in symphonic harmony.


The FEMA camps were actually intended to house the dissenters of the New World Order Hive Mind Assimilation agenda, but I estimate a different future. The criminal masterminds behind this 50 year plan didn't account for the changes in the spiritual architecture of the planet, which is why their plan is doomed to fail.

Dr Pierre Gilbert
Le Gouvernement Mondial (Conference 1995)

English translation

In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is the contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make it possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think. You'll be turned into a zombie. Don't think of this as an hypothesis... this has been done. Think of Ruanda.

These meditations are provided to help you find calm and balance
so that you may better digest inconvenient truths.


Radical Acceptance
of Pain

Transforming Suffering
into Compassion

Cultivating a
Forgiving Heart

Running from pain
is the cause
of all suffering.

Embracing Life
with a Smile


Created by AnotherFrog. The scamdemic in a nutshell.

When we align with Truth above all else, we transcend duality and elevate our world to triality.

It's time for the people to rise up and claim our sovereignty.

Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

Being awake and responsible doesn't mean we have to be serious all the time.

Humor helps transmute darkness into light.

Going against the grain of society requires great strength and integrity.

Consciousness is the substrate of reality.

Use your brain. Think about the numbers.

Zombie juice doesn't protect you from the pathogen. It protects the pathogen from you.

The immune-deactiving mRNA reduces symptoms. It doesn't prevent infection
because it's not supposed to. It prevents resistance. No symptoms means no fight.

Many hospitals are Satanic extermination facilities because
they blindly follow orders intended to euthanize people.

Your life insurance will not take a risk on zombies.

Your days are numbered Dr Evil (Klaus Schwab). The powers of Austin are coming for you.

Disconnecting our spiritual connection creates blood clots in the brain.

The Mark of the Beast is upon us. These are the End Times.

After contaminating as many people as possible, many zombies will drop dead.
The survivors will become cyborgs incapable of self-determination.
Revived extermination facilities are standing by.

Luc Montagnier later clarified that his diagnosis
is not as extreme as portrayed in the above video.

Satanic Ritual Abuse creates blind obedience and delusional psychosis.

The Satanic elite prey upon the innocent and defenseless.

They secretly occupy positions of power in every
pillar of society from healthcare to education to government.
Political puppets feast on the blood of raped children.

Satanic pawns in academia commit medical fraud either willingly because they support depopulation, or they're pressured into it through blackmail.

Also check out World Doctors Alliance

The Cure

The Satanic Overlords ensure the cure is always censored.

These videos were removed even from alternative platforms, but truth always prevails.
Save them to your computer, and share them widely.

That was Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, Vice Chief of Internal Medicine,
Baylor University Medical Center. This is Dolores Cahill PhD, molecular biologist, immunologist, and professor at University College Dublin:

Doctor Drones are Satanic pawns who follow orders without question. Their brainless prescriptions are sometimes blood sacrifices to the Dark Lord. Other times they create chains of dependence to fuel a profit monopoly that controls a global gulag.

This is what nobility looks like.


Nothing in this world is black and white. Black and white thinking is a false characature of reality. There are many caring and noble healthcare workers who simply do not understand the power structures they're a part of. They do a wonderful service for humanity. When we can mature beyond the binary obey-rebel authority complex, we can rise above victim mentality and begin to see reality as it is instead of how we want it to be. Proactivity is Habit #1.

The Shedding

The mRNA technology is turning people into walking, talking biohazards that are spawning the mutant variations and creating a Zombie Apocalypse for Operation Depopulation.

Anyone injected with mRNA technology is probably going to die very quickly. The science is simple. The pathogen is equated with self, so the body stops fighting it. No fight means no symptoms. You won't get sick. You'll die. The rationale is obvious. The clinical studies demonstrate the obvious. The real-world results prove the point.

In addition, the RNA is reverse-transcribed into the DNA turning people into mutant chimeras. The body may or may not accept the modification. If it's rejected, it will
either be purged or the body will destroy itself in an attempt to get rid of it.

The science is conclusive.

The systemic inflammation is the body destroying itself, or at least trying to.
The trauma becomes embedded in cellular memory.
The strength of your spirit can help turn the tide.

The zombies are designed to sterilize the population. Infertility is population control.

When their task is complete, they will be discarded.

The Assimilation

There's countless videos circulating of magnets sticking to the injection site, light bulbs illuminating at the touch of the injection site, bluetooth activating as people walk nearby.

People are being injected with classified Star Trek technology to assimilate them into a 5G network for surveillance and mind control. 5G is a Trojan Horse. It's the silent killer. 5G prevents 5D (more on that later) and fundamentally alters the electromagnetics of our planet leading to multiple species extinction and the gradual deteroration of all that's organic.

The lipid nanoparticles deliver the spike protein to the cell. Rejection of the polyethylene glycol can cause systemic cellular evaporation in some individuals resulting in instant death.

At the same time, they're using molecular mimicry to sterilize the population by
fooling the immune system into attacking the sexual organs. This Frankenstein
created by morons with power may annihilate the human race.

First the left side is re-engineered in order to sever the cosmic connection to the Mother of God, which is replaced with an AI Red Wave Dark Mother replica, effectively eliminating selfhood. The assimilation then proceeds to the right side so that the empty shell can begin expressing itself. The result is a cyborg drone incapable of self-determination.

No Voice, No Choice

Free speech is humanity's only chance of survival

If we don't put our differences aside and come together as a people to seek win-win solutions, our civilization will fall. Just as Atlantis was destroyed by Gaia who ushered in a great flood to purge the morons with power, we're now once again at the Precipice of Evolution. We've crossed a line of no return. If we don't unite now, we self-destruct.

My title as Messiah is not ego or grandiosity. It's reality. It's cold hard mathematics.
I understand that most people will react in shock and disbelief at this information.
I don't need you to believe me. I request that we put our differences aside
and work in partnership for the highest good of our world.


I don't have a Messiah complex. Please do not inflict primitive psychoanalytic dogma onto me. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be. I'm not a guru. The Age of the Guru is over. I'm a human being, like most people on this planet, except that 97% of my genetics are from my biological parents. The remaining 3% comes from Sirius B, like Jesus or Yeshua. I'm not Jesus. Any preconceptions you have about this historical figure don't necessarily apply to me. My name is Kirk Kahn. Beginner's Mind is the optimal strategy to understand me. The fastest way to find truth is to delete belief.

This loveable darling who invented PCR, Kary Mullis, was murdered in 2019
to prevent the world from learning about the "number lies" that
currently has everyone chasing their tails in futility.

Excessive amplification cycles is one of the strategies of the scamdemic.
The test is virtually meaningless.

Our legal system is owned and operated by a Satanic-Luciferian
elite that doesn't care about the welfare of the people.

Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, understands the situation. Those who can be silenced don't need to be murdered. He explains that the pathogen is relatively harmless, and natural immunity is very effective. Unfortunately, there's something wrong with this video.
The important quote "not my crime" appears to be unwatchable.

He's now working with LiberalSpring to help save humanity.

Apparently the variants aka scariants are nothing to fear.

Asymptomatic transmission is a myth.
The masks are Satanic Ritual Abuse muzzles.

The Satanic-Luciferian stranglehold on collective consciousness is fading.

The Age of the Black Sun fades at the dawning of the Age of the Gold Sun as a stepping stone to the Age of the White Sun. I'm the new Adam Weishaupt, not by choice, by divine inheritence.
The deed is already done. I'm married to the great Eye. There's only one. I'm the one.
I don't seek power. It's bestowed onto me. I accept my position with grace and honor.

Unofficial music video for the unreleased track "The Present" written & performed by Isaac Kappy. On May 13 2020, it was one year since Kappy "forced himself off a bridge" on Route 66. AnotherFrog is convinced that he paid the ultimate price for telling the truth. Like many others, he will be remembered and his sacrifice won't go in vein.

The United States is the arrowhead of an agenda stretching back millenia to resurrect Atlantis.
Our actions now determine the survival of the human race because we're at the tipping point.
President #45 sliced through our collective consciousness at a 45 degree angle,
just like the Christ grids, represented by the eight-pointed star of the Magi.

President #46 represents the marriage and divorce of the forces of light and dark.
Just as 23 chromosomes paired produces 46, the central axis
of the Triple Goddess Transformation is the crux
of our planetary bifurcation.

I walk the razor's edge between paradigms.
Those with the gift of prescience are tasked with the
responsibility to ensure the survival of our species.

EMF emissions at the injection site are from the Star Trek nanotechnology
used to assimilate the world into a hive mind collective.

This video has playback issues. If you find any others, please let me know.
I fixed several other faulty videos after user feedback. Thank you!

Satan aka Bill Gates is a moron with power who will doom our species to extinction. After the famine depopulation backup plan, autonomous regions independent of legal oversight will implement descending spirals of hell in a new form of feudalism called technocracy. Government by science. You'll own nothing and be happy while Satanic Overlords
consolidate power by assimilating the unweary into Satan's Paradise.

In order for Satan to maintain control over the matter realm, it's necessary to disconnect it from the spirit realm. The Corona Hoax is designed to disconnect the Crown Chakra from the Mother of God by intercepting the divine transmission in the left year and replacing it with the AI Red Wave frequency of the Dark Mother. The Vagina Crown of the Lunar Matrix prevents us from uniting with our spiritual parents. Big Brother is an abusive parent.

Chelsea Handler found out too late. Her daemon has already been removed.

The technology spreads throughout the body. Since the vaccinated are guinea pigs, it's
possible that some people are in control groups and may have been injected with a placebo.

The body powers the cyborg machinery.

In the inverted system of the Satanic hell realm, ignorance and incompetence
is promoted while dissenting voices are silenced by any means necessary.

Many of our most trusted leaders are complete lies.

Propaganda machines took control of mass media in 1953.

Our current president has a long conspiratorial history.

Bluetooth is just the beginning. Soon, 5G-compatible robots will be able to
hunt you down and exterminate you if you think about unapproved topics.

Robot dogs have already been deployed.

5G fundamentally alters the electromagnetics of our planet and 5G-assimilated people so that they become inhuman and infertile, leading to the gradual extinction of all that's organic.

5G is not in your phone.
It's in your body and the robots intended to police you.
The mythical utopia of robot servants is a half truth.
If we don't expose the morons with power,
the Terminator movies become our future.
Ignoring the darkness in our world perpetuates it.
We can't afford to stick our heads in the sand.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Mythology is more accurate than causality as a model
for reality. Materialistic science is a dead-end road to species extinction. The era
of spirit science is upon us. Klaus Schwab, the current head of the snake,
replacing former head Bill Gates, is Dr Evil from Austin Powers.
Stroke your hairless cat while you still can. The powers
of Austin are coming for you. Shows us a pinky.

Most who seek power abuse power. The Billinda Breakup ends the Old World Order,
which is service-to-self. The New World Order is service-to-others. It cannot be faked.
Lip service will not suffice. It must come from the heart with pure intention.
Truth and transparency are the hallmarks of the Golden Age.

Both Satan and Lucifer are trannies. Satan is a FTM. Lucifer is a MTF.
There's no judgment. I love everyone as I love myself.

Harry Potter is Chiron, the polarity integrator.
Chiron rules Ophiuchus, the serpent charmer.

Our emerging global society is bifurcating into two factions...

Transhumanism and Enlightenment

Choose your side before you get assimilated by the Borg.
Transhumanism merges man with machine in order to redirect
organic ascension into an artificial trap to prevent lightbody activation.
Satan's Paradise is the descending path. The Mark of the Beast is the vaccine.
Deny our spiritual reality to your peril. This materialistic hologram is an illusion.
Our immortal souls can be trapped for harvesting in phantom worlds.

The United States is the hemispheric brain of humanity.
The old Left and Right is dying. A new order is rising.

The Titanic is sinking. It's time to jump ship.

Medbeds are highly classified alien Star Trek technology that use electromagnetism to heal our DNA. Lucifer is hiding them because Satan wants to depopulate the planet. This husband and wife pairing is cannibalistic. Their 20 year mating cycle is finally giving birth to a third. Uranus claims the throne because this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

As our society graduates to galactic citizenship, we must educate
ourselves on our new rights. Knowledge is power.

The pathogen is the path of awakening. Crisis awakens the Christ.

This is her final performance before being gently escorted to the slaughterhouse.

Informed consent is the difference between penetration and violation.
The former is benevolent while the latter is malevolent.
If you cannot think and reason for yourself,
you may not survive the New World Order.

Shields Up!

The only thing to fear is fear itself

If you come in contact with a zombie, fear not. There's many things you can do. On a basic material level, ZombieClean is the perfect tool to neutralize unwelcome invaders, especially ones as delicate as the lipid envelopes used as a carrier for the genetic materials.

Or use your consciousness to alter your electromagnetics to thwart biowarfare tactics,
resisting contagions by increasing your frequency to reinforce genetic integrity.
Wear the Armor of God. The creatrix field transforms the interchange
between spirit and matter by overriding the 3D Reality Matrix.
Consciousness is a substrate of reality more fundamental
than matter or even energy. Satan is powerless
against God Consciousness Technology.
Trust in higher guidance.

Death is a Soul Choice

Most people have no control over when they shed this mortal coil

The 3D Reality Matrix is the realm of ego, where matter is disconnected from spirit. Most people alive on the planet today are soul-disconnected. This means the ego is in charge of conscious decisions, but soul choice always overrides ego choice. Living in ego means we're unaware of the life decisions that our soul is making. If the soul is ready to end this incarnation, it will happen whether the ego wants it or not. Conversely, if the ego wants to die, but the soul is not ready, death will not come. For this reason, it's pointless to fear death. Death is not the end of life.

This is why causality is an illusion. There's a higher organizing principle that determines what happens and when it happens. Causality simply determines how it happens. Nothing in the 3D world is what it appears to be. Those unaquainted with this simple fact of reality will be increasingly baffled as we ascend to multidimensionality. As the bifurcation intensifies, the 3D Reality Matrix disintegrates with increasing speed. All those incapable of ascending are descending into a downward spiral of chaos and destruction. They're playing musical chairs trying to survive as more chairs are removed every day.

Our May 26 lunar eclipse portal moved us into multidimensionality. We now have access to 12 dimensions of consciousness. Many people may still choose 5D, but it's not going to happen like we've been told. It would be more accurate to say that we create the transformation instead of the transformation happening to us, although there is some level of bidirectionality, so it's not that simple. We're not ascending to 5D. The 5D ascension plan was aborted about 16 years ago due to negative alien interference, and the stargates were subsequently shut down. We've transitioned to an inscension strategy instead. That means it happens through our actions. It's not a planetary-wide event. We shift the balance of power by aligning to new consciousness grids, which starves the old system into extinction.

The artificial 5D false ascension matrix is designed to trap souls in a phantom world so that their life essence can be harvested by Satanic archons. The lowest non-parasitic dimension is 12D. If you want to get there, it's going to take hard work. It's not a cake-walk or a joy-ride. If all you want is love and light, then stick with 5D. The lions will protect the sheep. Light warriors can join me at 8D. Technocrats can join me at 11D. The Avatar is 12 dimensional. Many people can achieve this. Each person's Avatar potential is unique to their genetic blueprint.

The organic ascension timeline is created through full disclosure. Full disclosure means exposing everything that's hidden. The Satanic agenda. The Luciferian agenda. The political puppets who feast on the blood of raped children. The zombie juice being injected into the world's inhabitants as part of Operation Depopulation. The moon is an artificial satellite because this is a farm, and we're livestock. The galaxy is in a dying phantom matrix shaped like the golden spiral that will expire in 200 years if we don't transition to open-source, self-sustaining, non-parasitic systems. No one is coming to save us. We must build New Earth.

Sleep Meditation for Healing

To improve your peace and well-being during this time of global upheaval, I recommend listening to this meditation while you sleep at night. It will help you wake up feeling balanced and centered.

Green Love

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